Pavigym is the only flooring brand specialized in the Health Club Industry. With almost 50 years experience as the world leaders in the industry, they have also been working closely with many of the leading gyms, health clubs and hotel chains around the world during the last two decades.

They continuously design and develop new technologies and products that will impress your members by improving the image of your club with spectacular aesthetics and innovative training concepts.

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Product Types

Gym and Fitness Flooring

Aerobic Flooring

Specifically designed for activities in group-exercise rooms and studios. Increased impact absorption, and protection against fatigue and risk of injuries. Tests carried out on Pavigym Aerobic demonstrate its high ability to absorb impacts (45%), therefore reducing the risk of stress on the joints, and medium to long-term injuries.

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Fitness Flooring

Resistance and elegance in your Cardio & Fitness area. Prevents equipment from sliding and absorbs noise and vibrations. Pavigym Fitness Flooring reduces and absorbs the noise and vibrations caused by machines in the cardio and indoor-cycle rooms, thanks to the insulating effect of micro air-bubbles. Pavigym Fitness tiles fit perfectly with Pavigym Free Weight HD tiles. You will be able to combine cardio areas with free weights areas within the same room, without compromising on aesthetics, or the necessary technical requirements in each.

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Free Weight

Maximum protection and unique aesthetics in the Free Weights room. The best solution for impact and sound absorption. The high density Pavigym Free Weight offers extreme resistance against marks and impacts, while protecting the sub-floor beneath.

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Body Mind

The only flooring specifically designed for ground exercises (stretching, yoga, body mind). Comfortable underfoot with thermal insulation. The high degree of comfort is ideal for ground exercises. Can be used barefoot or with appropriate sports footwear. Due to the thermal protection, Pavigym Body Mind does not replicate the cold from the subfloor. The flooring is therefore even more comfortable for ground exercises. Pavigym does not absorb water or liquids, and does not store odours. In addition, the formula prevents the development of bacteria, germs and fungi, which ensures hygiene on the floor, another important factor for ground exercises.


High level of impact absorption and energy restitution specifically designed for Martial Arts. Comes in a 20mm thickness for martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo and Kung Fu, and also a 30mm thickness with a higher shock absorption capacity for the heavier falls of Judo and Aikido.

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Non-technical Areas


The ideal solution to cover the non-technical areas of the fitness centre such as reception areas, offices, bars, restaurants, corridors, locker rooms...etc. Pavigym Traffic has been specifically designed with higher resistance than the majority of the laminated options (AC5), available on the market. The installation of Pavigym Traffic does not require special tools or specific preparation of the subfloor. It is totally waterproof and does not require frequent maintenance or specific cleaning as is the case with other solutions. Pavigym Traffic's colours are inspired by wood and stone, creating natural and warm environments embracing the latest trends in interior design.

Wet Areas

Non-slip protection, which is easy to install in your shower areas, locker rooms, saunas, spas and swimming pools. The size of Wet Area's tiles allows them to be adapted to difficult areas and corners, giving you the possibility to combine your preferences from our large range of colours, creating unique designs. The interlocking system is very easy, and facilitates cleaning underneath. Its polymeric formula has been developed specifically for humid zones, in order to grip firmly to the floor, and avoid slipping.

Other Services


With a complete range of colours and textures, our Pavigym flooring will enable you to create an exclusive custom-made facility, by designing distinctive spaces which cater for all your training needs. The exclusive Air Flooring System technology will fullfill all your technical requirements.


All our Pavigym products can be personalized with your logo or motivational messages for your members. We offer you the best performance with great aesthetics. Endless design and aesthetic combinations to give your club or gym a sensational look!